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 Cyndi's Red Habanero Jelly : Intense! Red Habanero Pepper. Simple. Flavor to the Max. Heat to the Max. INTENSE$7.00
 Cyndi's Garlic Habanero Jelly : Garlic Lovers and Habanero lovers unite! This unique blend affects all of the senses (you can even hear it). POTENT$7.00
 Cyndi's Raspberry Habanero Jelly : First you taste the raspberry, then you taste the Habanero - then BAM!, the heat strikes. A taste sensation like never before. BERRY HOT & BERRY-LISCIOUS$7.00
 Cyndi's Peach Habanero Jelly : Take a beautiful ripe Georgia Peach; add a little sugar, a little Cyndi, a lot of Habanero and what do you have?- Peach with an ATTITUDE.$7.00
 Cyndi's Strawberry Habanero Jelly : After trying this jelly, you’ll be humming a new tune. It’s called “Strawbanero Fields Forever”. HEATLEMANIA$7.00
 Cyndi's Mango Habanero Jelly : Mango Jango Jumpin Jammin Jerkin Jamaican. This one is a Tropical Tongue Twister. MANGONIFICENT $7.00
 Cyndi's Roasted Green Chile Pepper Chile : Enter the full description of it here.$7.00
 Cyndi's Red Jalapeno Jelly : The Flavor transformation of a Jalapeno from green to “Red-ripe” is truly amazing. If green is the caterpillar,red is the Butterfly. RIPE & READY.$7.00
 Cyndi's Roasted Poblano Jelly : The flavor of Old Mexico. This is what the green bell pepper hoped to be, but it didn't come close. OLE` $7.00

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